Mission Statement
Christian Pages™ aims to enable Christian Business in local areas to communicate with the wider Christian Community in that area so that their enterprise may flourish to God’s glory.

Using this Directory
You may search for advertisers online. Please remember to tell our advertisers that you found them in the Christian Pages™ when contacting them.

Our advertisers are expecting to receive bona fide enquires for their goods and services. The Directory is not designed as a canvassing tool for telephone sales and marketing; nor is it to be used for charitable fund-raising.

We do ask that all users respect the purpose for which the Directory is intended. (See Copyright clause below)

What people say about us…
“Praise God for Christian Pages™ we believe it is essential both to be in and to use it. Compared to other directories we have found advertising in Christian Pages™ to be very cost effective. 80% of clients who contact us do so through the directory.
Clive & Michelle Broughton, Broughtons of London

“Christian Pages™ has resulted in an incredible response, on average 3 to 4 per week leading to a lot of work for us. Undoubtedly the best and in fact the only advertising we do.”
Mike Lovatt, Superbuild

“We at Simply Copiers Limited have seen a positive response from advertising in Christian Pages™. This year we ran our advertisement simultaneously in the Yellow Pages, and we found as a percentage, 80% of enquiries that turned into sales came directly from Christian Pages™. This is our second year advertising with Christian Pages™, and I would recommend them to any Christian organisation as a powerful tool within the Christian community.”
Harchand Khurmy, Simply Copiers Limited

“Amazing Glaze Limited is pleased to say Christian Pages™ has generated lots of enquiries and work for our company. We have worked for some lovely people and would recommend it to other Christian businesses looking to advertise.”
Shirley Hodges, Amazing Glaze Limited

“I would like to thank you all at Christian Pages™ for publishing an advertisement for my Company that has definitely been value for money. I have received many enquiries due to this advertisement, which has consequently led to genuine orders. Thank you once again for your support.”
Mr H R Innis, Charles Henderson Contractors

Terms & Conditions
The Christian Pages™ exists to publicise the activities of Christian Businesses, Professionals and Services, and to allow church members to identify Christian Businesses and services, should they choose to. Christian Pages™ attempts to do this by compiling a directory containing details of such businesses and services who choose to advertise with us and who offer their services.

A Christian Business or Service is defined as one that is owned or run by a Christian to Christian ideals. Consequently, any company or service that simply employs a Christian, no matter how strictly they adhere to Christian ideals, does not qualify. Christian Pages™ reserves that right to ask for references, including one such reference from the leader of the Advertiser’s Church. Christian Professionals: we accept that in some professions it is not always possible to choose the religious affiliation of these one works with (i.e. law and medicine). In such circumstances an entry may be accepted provided the Christian contact is named.

Christian Pages™ does not endorse or support any of the products, businesses or services or person included in the Directory. It is the responsibility of the users to satisfy themselves as to the quality of the service being offered.

Christian Pages™ is not responsible for the activities of its advertisers nor for any event that may occur as a result of using any of the businesses or services listed in the directory.

Policy Statement
The Christian Pages™ does not suggest in any way that Christians should only use Christian businesses or services, and should not be seen as encouraging any form of exclusivity or preference. That fact that someone is a Christian does not mean that they offer a better service that a non-Christian, and no such proposition is suggested or implied. (Galatians 6:10)

The copying, adaption, electronic storage and reproduction of Christian Pages™ is expressly forbidden unless within the terms of a specific license issued by the Publisher. Any persons or corporations found replicating any part of (this work) will be liable to prosecution under the 1998 Copyright, Designs, and Patent Act.

NB: Systematic mailing or telephone canvassing of all or any group of the Christian Pages™ advertisers will give rise to the suspicion that a breach of Copyright may have taken place and will be investigated rigorously.

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